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  • Injured on the job at U.S. XPRESS?

    Chattanooga is the corporate headquarters of U.S. Xpress, one of the nation’s major trucking companies.  And, just across the state line in Whitfield County, Georgia, U.S. Xpress maintains a large service center and terminal where new recruits are tested and processed before going out on the road.  U.S. Xpress also has service centers in Colton, California, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Lincoln, Nebraska and Midway, Ohio, and numerous other facilities, terminals and drop yards throughout the country.  U.S. Xpress recruits drivers nationally. If you are injured on the job while working for U.S Xpress, your workers’ compensation claim can often be brought in Tennessee, and may have to be filed in Tennessee, depending on the particular circumstances.  Factors to be considered include where you were hired and where the injury occurred.  Workers’ compensation laws vary from state to state; so sound legal advice is essential.

    If you are a driver for U.S. Xpress and have been injured on the job, we can provide assistance.

    We are very familiar with the tactics U.S. Xpress may use when a driver is hurt on the job.  You may be told to come to Chattanooga for medical care, even though you live hundreds of miles away.  You may be asked to come to Chattanooga for light duty work.  You will be offered a motel room, but may be stuck with no transportation, hundreds of miles from your family.  You may have to see doctors in Chattanooga selected from their panel of physicians, sometimes called “company doctors.”

    But, you do have rights under the law.  Know your legal rights.  For instance, you may be entitled to see a doctor near your home instead of a doctor in Chattanooga.  If you can return to work on light duty, and receive a paycheck, that is great, but you may be entitled to temporary partial disability benefits to make up for some of your earnings loss if your pay is reduced.   And, even if you are told that your worker’s compensation case must be handled in Tennessee, you may be better off having your claim handled under the laws of another state, such as Georgia.  In many cases, more than one state will have jurisdiction of a workers’ compensation claim, especially cases involving truck drivers.  Because so many new recruits are processed through the U.S. Xpress terminal in Tunnel Hill, Georgia, many U.S. Xpress cases can be brought in either in Tennessee or Georgia.

    We can help.  Do not hesitate to call or e-mail from anywhere in the United States.

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